Even if your bias in exo is not Xiumin, your exo bias’s bias is Xiumin.

What Xiumin Hyung wants, everyone wants.


Someday exo won’t be there on time to stop Xiumin’s inner stripper from being fully unleashed

the xiuharem were beyond shock when their hyungnim got pwned. 


something we must keep in mind about xiuharem: it is not limited to exo and it does not discriminate between gender or age or nationality. #StopXiumin2k14



It’s days like this that I like to remember that the Irish government are ever proud of the Spire of Dublin.


It’s literally a 400 ft metal spike sticking out of the ground. It was supposed to be done for the new millennium but they didn’t start building it until 2002.

And it’s supposed to be self-cleaning but it doesn’t work and there’s no way to clean it.


not to mention it’s ‘unofficial name’

the erection at the intersection


In ancient Rome; men found guilty of rape had their testicles crushed between two stones.

Personally, I think they should start doing this again



大家你好!!! check out my new tattoo!! it means “harmony” in english!!! I can’t wait to start showing white people my tattoo and asking them if they can understand it!!! TFW YOLO! (That’s what they say right?)

So much shade I have to get a damn coat..


On 9th August 2014, unarmed 18 year old Michael Brown was shot by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, sparking social unrest that continues to this day. Here is a petition to prevent police misconduct.






The poor models at Louis Vuitton.


yo, fuck marc jacobs, he treats models like complete shit all of the time and never gets called out on it

Oh my god this is real

if this doesnt get people pissed i dont know what will

140918 hztttao: 애기 TAO 小孩 TAO Baby TAO😊


Today this girl in class looked different because she had straightened her hair and I told her it was so pretty and straight and she goes “unlike me”. So me thinking that she has bad self esteem, I say “don’t say that. You’re pretty.” To which she replies “oh no, im pretty. I’m just not straight.” And I shit you not my stomach still hurts from laughing too hard.


 i wish that I could wake up with amnesia and forget about the stupid little things 

I want to be proud in front of my members, and I want to be an artist until I die.
Sunggyu (Infinite)

130917 Incheon Airport Departure
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